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JLL, the Manager of the Aon Center, takes pride in its program of “Quality Tenant Service.” This program encompasses all areas of building management and services. Our goal is to respond to our tenants’ needs in an organized, prompt, cost-efficient, and professional manner.

The emphasis on Quality Tenant Service extends from the Management Office to our security, cleaning, and construction crews. The employees of the Building recognize that maintaining the comfort and convenience of our tenants is crucial to providing an optimal working environment.

Aon Center provides a wide variety of services to its tenants. Some of these services are included as part of the lease agreement, while others may be arranged at an additional cost.

Our in-house staff is capable of completing most of these services, ensuring the quality of work, and the timeliness of completion. When necessary, outside contractors are used to augment our in-house staff. All services are coordinated by the Management Team located in the Office of the Building.

Please read carefully the Tenant Service Request Procedures section which describes the procedures for making service requests. Once your need for a particular service is communicated to us, we will make every effort to provide the service quickly and efficiently.

If you have any further questions after reviewing this tenant service information, please call the Office of the Building at 312-228-8200.

In this chapter, you will find a listing of Building Tenant Services as well as guidelines concerning cleaning, building security, temperature control and additional services, i.e., remodeling/redecorating.

We appreciate your reading this section very carefully to familiarize yourself with our operations and regulations.

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