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Aon Center contracts the services of Harvard Maintenance to maintain the Class A appearance of the Building. Cleaning services are provided 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday. Given the Building’s heavy traffic flow of tenants and guests on a daily basis, the Day Cleaning staff is on a continual schedule to maintain all public areas. The staff also has scheduled stops in all floor restrooms to ensure adequate supplies.

The Day Cleaning staff is also available during the day for any special requests.

Tenant spaces are cleaned Monday through Friday from 5:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m. by our Night Cleaning staff.

If boxes or stacks of paper within tenant spaces are to be thrown away by the Night Cleaning staff, the Office of the Building can provide special stickers to identify these items for removal. Please contact the Office of the Building if you would like a supply of these stickers.

Any comments regarding the Night Cleaning service in your space should be directed to the Office of the Building at 312-228-8200.

Special Services

If you have any special cleaning requirements, we will be happy to provide them at an additional cost.

Special cleaning requests should be arranged through the Tenant Services Coordinator in the Office of the Building. These services will be provided by our Day and Night Cleaning staffs on a regular or as-needed basis. Some of the special cleaning services we will provide for our tenants include the following:


  • Treat carpet with anti-static conditioner
  • Pile lift carpet
  • Shampoo carpet


  • Vacuum and/or shampoo upholstered furniture.
  • Wash metal desks, credenzas, and file cabinets.


  • Clean and polish wood furniture.
  • Defrost and clean refrigerators.
  • Clean microwave oven.
  • Clean mini-blinds throughout your tenant space.
  • Clean and press draperies.
  • Clean glass partitions.
  • Wash dishes.
  • Dust all chair rails, paneling, trim, door and architectural louvers, lattices and ornamental work, grilles, pictures, ventilating louvers, and baseboards and vinyl chairs.

The Tenant Services Coordinator in the Office of the Building will be happy to discuss your needs for these special cleaning services.

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