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Additional Services

The Aon Center offers many special services to increase the convenience of our Building for our Tenants. Please call the Office of the Building for further information regarding any of these services.

Window Washing

The Aon Center provides each tenant space with exterior window washing approximately three times per year and interior window washing one time per year. Washing of glass partitions and/or other interior glass in your suite is available upon request to the Office of the Building. We will be happy to provide you with an estimate and arrange for the work.


Occasionally some of our tenants who have lunch rooms or food storage areas in their suite have problems with insect pests. Aon Center contracts with an exterminator which services the public building space. If you need an exterminator to come to your suite, please call the Office of the Building to schedule this service. Please be prepared to give us the exact location where the insects were discovered. A small fee will be charged for this service.

Door and Wall Signage

The Office of the Building coordinates all tenant door and wall signage. Any signage requests should be in writing and should be directed to the Office of the Building.

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