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Welcome to the Aon Center in Chicago, IL. The Aon Center is the third tallest building in the City of Chicago and presents many unique challenges in regards to safety and security. In this booklet, many of the frequently asked questions and concerns are addressed throughout the different sections. Some of the sections are common sense that may apply to all buildings, while others are exclusive to the Aon Center.

In any modern day workplace, tenants have basic responsibilities that are shared with the landlord in order to help facilitate a safe and secure work environment. Simple things like locking away valuables in a desk or file cabinet, questioning suspicious persons in the workplace, reporting “odd” incidents to building security and turning off potential electrical hazards like coffee pots. In order for the Aon Center to be successful in providing a safe and secure work environment, we all must work together!!

In addition to the support that we receive from our tenants, we have invested in some of the most updated security technology that is commercially available in the marketplace today. This includes electronic card access to all building perimeter points, individual card access for each tenant, closed circuit television cameras, digital video recorders and anti-intrusion barriers to protect the exterior and interior of the building. To supplement all of this modern technology, the Aon Center has specially trained Security Officers that are on property on a continual basis 365 days a year.

Within the Tenant Handbook, we have provided you with a comprehensive understanding of the rules, regulations and procedures that revolve around security and safety here at the Aon Center. If you have additional concerns, questions or comments please feel free to contact the Security Command Center 312-228-1983 or the Director of Security at 312-228-1980.

Security Staff

Aon Center maintains security officers at all main entrances including the Lower Lobby South, Lower Lobby North and the Upper Lobby North. A security officer is on duty at the Lower Lobby South security desk at all times; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During Building operating hours, there is one security officer at each lobby station.

The security officers at night complete rounds in the Building starting from the 80th Floor down. Each floor is checked nightly for the following: fire and fire hazards, smoke, unusual odors, defective or damaged Building property and lights burned out (especially exit lights). They also check for safety hazards such as water leaks or overflows, unlocked or damaged doors, or doors and hallways blocked by improperly placed materials. Our security officers enforce Building regulations, maintain order and are on the alert for any unusual activities within the Building.

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