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Property Removal Pass

To remove any equipment or similar office merchandise from the Building, you or whoever is removing the equipment, will be required to have a Property Removal Pass. You must use a pass when furniture, boxes, or office machines are being removed from the Building either by a tenant or a repairman.

The Security Command Center maintains signature cards for each tenant which lists all people in your office authorized to approve Property Removal Pass forms along with a copy of their signatures. If the name and signature do not match, the pass will not be authorized.

The signature cards are furnished by the Office of the Building and Security. It is the responsibility of the tenant to notify the Office of the Building and Security of any changes to the authorized signers.

When preparing a package pass, please list all articles being removed, the date they will be removed, and the name of your company. Have the pass signed by an authorized signer in your office. Then bring the completed pass to the security desk for validation. The security guards may search any packages leaving the building.

If you need an additional supply of passes, or if you wish to change your list of authorized signors, please call your Tenant Services Coordinator or the Office of the Building.

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